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Top 5 reasons why YOU should use explainer videos

Have you ever thought of using an explainer video for your business? They were a big fad a few years ago and it seemed everyone had one. Do you know why that is? Because they worked! While they are not everywhere like they were back then, they are still pretty popular. Here are the top five reasons why YOU should use explainer videos…

#1: Concise Messaging

Explainer videos tend to be short, likely under a few minutes in length. Because of this, viewers tend to watch to the end. If done correctly an explainer video can break your message down to bite size viewing portions giving the most important – or compelling – information up front. Think of it like bread crumbs leading to the concept you are trying to communicate.

#2: Easy to understand

Hand in hand with concise messaging, explainer videos communicate concepts in a simple format. This is why they are great at getting a message across. Even the most complex concept can be broken into easy to understand steps. You can build from one concept to the next, allowing the viewer to understand each concept along the way.

#3: An explainer video can be viewed anywhere

Because explainer videos are easy to view, they can be shared anywhere. From your social media channels to your website, these videos can be easily seen on a computer or even a smart phone. You can put a link from inside an email and not worry about how the recipient will be viewing it. Computer or phone does not matter as they will still be able to understand its message.

#4: An explainer video can be viewed by anyone

Since there are no restrictions on where it can be viewed, these videos can be seen by anyone. From grandparents with the old computer sitting on their desk to teenage kids with their smart phones, literally anyone can view it. Explainer videos do not require fancy equipment to view so there are no technological barriers either. This also means there are no financial barriers so viewers do not need to be rich to view your videos. Even technologically challenged people will find it easy to watch and understand your videos.

#5: Unlimited uses

Explainer videos are not just for promotions, they can be used for almost any situation you can think of.  Turn your set-up manual into a series of explainer videos. You can explain how to log into your website or service online. Set yourself apart from your competition and send a welcome or thank you video. The possibilities are endless.

If you are looking for a way to get a message across to the most amount of people in the simplest and easiest to understand method, than explainer videos are the tool that you are looking for. Unsure if they will work for your situation? Contact Ryan Ligeza from Be Loud Communications for a free, no obligation, consultation.

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Be Loud Communications Named a Constant Contact Certified Solution Provider
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