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9 ways to grow your email list.

Growing your email list may be one of the most daunting tasks associated with email marketing, but it does not need to be as difficult as you may think it is. In truth, your customers already love you so all you need to do is ask. But how do you ask? Here are 9 ways to grow your email list.

Your customers are listening…

Anyone involved in sales and marketing in anyway chooses their words very carefully to get their message across in the most precise way. They know that what they say can be interpreted in many different ways. (more…)

Top 5 Holiday Email Ideas

The holidays are here and people are starting to shop for their gift lists. Here are 5 holiday email ideas to help you promote your products and services to your customers and clients. Think outside the box and these strategies can work for any industry. (more…)

Email content for financial services

One of the biggest comments when working with clients in the financial services sector is how it is so heavily regulate that they have difficulties writing email content for financial services. While this may be true to some degree, there are still many strategies that can be implemented to stay in touch with your clients. (more…)

Email Content for Retail

Creating email content for retail business can be difficult at times. Here are five general topics or themes to get your creativity started.


Accidental Unsubscribe is robbing your email list!

Accidental unsubscribe, or the forwarded unsubscribe, can be minimized if you follow these suggestions.

You want your email to be forwarded and be seen by as many people as possible. What you don’t want is for a recipient of a forwarded copy of your email to think it is spam and unsubscribe. This accidental unsubscribe will remove the original recipient from your list and unfortunately it will be very difficult to add them back on. In some cases it will be near impossible.

Fortunately, there are a few options we can look at. (more…)

Establish Credibility…Why Should I Listen To You?

I remember hearing this example somewhere on the web and thought, I did exactly that! What it is that I and others had done, was to seek someone who we had believed to be an expert in their field. Let me explain what we had done, and think to yourself if you have done this as well… (more…)

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