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Email Content for Retail

Creating email content for retail business can be difficult at times. Here are five general topics or themes to get your creativity started.

When discussing email content for retail I frequently hear from business owners and managers that for them, content can be an issue. Sometimes they struggle with what to write. What should they put into their emails?

Creating compelling and engaging content can be difficult at times. Even the best of us can have a creative slump every now and then. The trick is knowing where to get inspiration from.

Below are five general topics or themes that you can draw from at any time of year. It has helped to put together some of my most successful emails. Let’s start with the most obvious.

  1. Announcing A Sale Or Promotion

Many retailers spend their budgets on flyers and print advertising to promote sales and promotions and while these are successful, email marketing can be much more effective and cost much less. Not only can you include pictures, text, and prices, you can also put a call to action such as a coupon or discount code. A large percentage of people who sign up for your email do so to receive discounts or sale information, causing this type of email to have great results.

  1. Announcing new products or services

If you have brought in a new product or offer a new service, sending an email is a great way to introduce them to your customers. Try not to be too descriptive in your email, keeping the text down to three sentences or so. If you need more space, type an introductory paragraph (teaser text) for your email and link it to a more in-depth and detailed page on a website or blog.

To really get the best results, include a coupon or limited time offer in the email.

  1. Holiday or Seasonal recommendations

Do you have a product or service that people snap up during a certain holiday or season? Let them know when it comes in or is available. Maybe you have a product that you believe should be doing much better than it is. Let your customers know why. Try sending an email recommending a complimentary product or service to one of your most popular offerings.

With this theme, holidays are very obvious but do not overlook seasons. Many products and services do better in winter months, while others do great in summer. Send an email about these seasonal products before the appropriate season, and don’t forget to warn them with another email when the season is ending.

  1. Tips and Trends

Do you have a tip or trend that you can share with your customer? Some examples of tips could include how to correctly use your product or service, common and uncommon uses of your product/service, or even a top ten list of what NOT to do. Share information that you think everybody already knows. You might be surprised to find out how many do not.

Letting people know about trends can have significant results as well. Perhaps your products or service are becoming more popular due to a well known TV or Radio personality speaking about it. Green Tea Extract started flying off the shelves of local health food stores thanks to a certain TV personality who recommended it for weight loss.  “Gluten Free” is another trend that has impacted sales. Fashion trends, Lifestyle trends, even political trends can bring increased exposure to your products or services. To find trends that affect you and your business, read an industry magazine or blog.

Don’t be afraid to share videos with this theme. Visit the websites of the products you offer, or search in YouTube. It does not have to be your own video for you to share it but if you can make your own, all the better.

  1. Maintenance and care

Let customers know the best way to maintain and care for your products (or aftercare for your service). Washing and cleaning instructions, proper storage, life expectancy are all things that your customers will find useful. Let your customers know if your products respond very well to ongoing as opposed to occasional care and maintenance.

This theme would work very well for seasonal products for both beginning and end of season. Taking it out of or putting it into storage.

As mentioned earlier, I have referred to these topics for email content for retail many times. If you have found them useful you can bookmark this page and when you are having a hard time thinking of content, read through it again.

We are always here to help with email content for retail and other industries so if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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