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Top 5 Holiday Email Ideas

The holidays are here and people are starting to shop for their gift lists. Here are 5 holiday email ideas to help you promote your products and services to your customers and clients. Think outside the box and these strategies can work for any industry.

  1. Early VIP sale

What is the number one complaint for shoppers over the holiday season? Crowds! So help them out by giving your email list an early VIP sale only for them. Tell them to bring in their email and you will honor the prices a day early. Encourage them to share your email or bring friends in with them. The more the merrier and chances are a few of them will join your list as well.

  1. Gift Card Bonus

No matter what your business is, offer a gift card bonus as an added benefit is a great way to help your customers and get introduced to new ones. Every time your customer purchases a set amount, give them a gift card as a thank you. If your business is not one that can use gift cards, offer them for a product or service that everyone can enjoy (Like a local restaurant!)

  1. Holiday gift guide

Many times you know your industry better than your customers do so recommend what is hot, trendy, or up and coming. Put together gift ideas for specific audiences such as mothers, fathers, retirees, newlyweds, etc…Help them by suggesting some great gift ideas and they will thank you.

  1. Holiday coupon

Make the coupon a generous holiday coupon, make it the focus of your email and make people look forward to it year after year. You can otherwise add any coupon to any email as an added benefit throughout the season. Professionals and service oriented businesses can offer blocks of time or free consultations. We did one campaign with a financial advisor were the coupon was for a free coffee, dessert, and an hour of the advisor’s time at a local coffee shop.

  1. Seasonal reminders

Remind your customers of anything that should be addressed at the end of the year. Are there any policies or memberships for renewal? It is easy for these to get overlooked in the hustle and bustle of the season so your customers will thank you.

Perhaps you sell seasonal products for a limited time during this season. Remind your customers when they are available and only for a limited time and watch them fly off your shelves. You can create urgency around your services with this same strategy by offering end of year reviews and assessments.

These holiday email ideas are meant to be a starting point for your promotions. Think about how you can apply them to your business. Start early and get those promotions into the hands of your customers or clients and you will have a great end to your year.


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