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Facebook carousel, how to use this new tool

The Facebook Carousel is a great feature to drive traffic to your website…

Have you used the Facebook Carousel yet? If not, you may want to try it. It is a great way to drive traffic to your website. It allows you to upload up to seven different images and each can link to a different location. Let’s take a walk through as I create the carousel for my Facebook page…

Start by clicking on photo/video and from the drop down choose “Create a Photo Carousel”

Facebook Carousel - step1

Next, you must enter a destination url. You will be given a chance to confirm or change this url at a later point (before publishing). So in my case, the url I enter since I want to showcase the new website is

Facebook Carousel - step2

As soon as you do this it will offer you options of photos that it can pull from the destination url. You will notice larger versions of the photos with arrows on the left and right, and smaller thumbnails underneath. On the right of the thumbnails you will see another box the same size with a plus symbol inside. By clicking on the plus symbol you can upload images from your computer. I upload all my photos at this point. Click the plus symbol and upload one, then click the plus symbol and upload the next, and continue until all are uploaded.

Facebook Carousel - step3b

Once the correct photos are uploaded, you can delete any you do not want in your carousel by pointing at the large picture, and clicking on the little x that appears in the top right corner of the photo. You will notice the large photo is removed from your carousel, but is still available in the small thumbnails underneath. This is because the small thumbnails are your available images, while the larger ones above are what will be in the actual carousel.

Facebook Carousel - step4

While pointing at the carousel photos you will see two squares intertwined. By clicking on this you will be able to alter the url to where you want the link to go. Type in the correct url and press confirm. I like to do this for each of the images at this time.

Facebook Carousel - step5

Once the images and the links are all set, you can optimize the descriptive text which goes under each image. Try to use keywords suitable to the page it is linking to.

Now that all the images and links including descriptive text are all finished, write in the main text that will be seen above the carousel. Four our carousel we are writing “Check out our new and improved mobile friendly website.” For you it can be promoting your products, services, staff, sponsors, events, or anything else you want to feature.

Facebook Carousel - step6

At this point I always advise to double check the images, links, and descriptive text because once it is published you cannot edit them. You will be able to edit the text above the carousel, but not anything else.

Once everything is ready to go you can publish the carousel immediately or schedule for it to publish at a later date.

I hope you found this article useful in helping you publish your own Facebook carousel. If so, please visit our Facebook page and give us a quick like! Much appreciated.

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