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Facebook emojis, emotionalize or categorize?

Facebook emojis have been requested for a long time and are finally here, but have you thought why?

Let’s face it, Facebook is a business. I know we all want to think that Facebook is a service and how dare they profit from us who use it, but they do! And you know what, that is OK. That is why they are still here and offering more and more great features. And the Facebook emojis are an example of that.

You are going to hear about how big brother Facebook is now monitoring you even more. That these emojis are a way that facebook will be able to evaluate what you are interacting with on your Facebook page. That they will be able to see what you like or love, what makes you laugh, say wow, makes you feel sad or angry.

They are going to be able to evaluate and decide what you are going to see on your page based on past interactions.

Well, they are right. Facebook will do all of this in the future. They say right now they are not, but with this information at their disposal they definitely will.

So here is my question to you: what is wrong with that?

Don’t get me wrong, I dislike “big brother” as much as the next guy and love reading about conspiracy theories, but really. When Facebook is trying to determine what they should show to me based on what I have reacted with in the past, I say please. That way I am seeing relevant things in my timeline rather than things that are of no interest to me.

To give you an example, if my teenage daughter had to endure the posts that frequent my timeline she would quit Facebook and never return. Likewise, if I had to stare at pictures of teenage boy bands all day I would quit as well.

Most of you would agree to this point I believe. When you hear that they may use this information for advertising purposes, many get upset again. And again, I do not understand why.

Over the Christmas season I was looking for a beautiful sweater for my wife. She had mentioned how she really wanted some nice new cloths so I thought it would be a great gift. I spent a lot of time looking because I know I am bad at choosing clothes for her, so I was really careful.

Unfortunately, in so doing I may have clicked on an ad or two on Facebook regarding woman’s clothing. The result of this was seeing more ads for woman’s clothing. Fortunately you can access the ad preferences and change the settings, which I did.

In case you did not know, Facebook is already gathering information on you for advertising purposes and there is no getting away from it. Letting them know what you like or react to will only ensure the ads you see are better suited to you so you are not seeing things you have no interest in at all. Things such as woman’s clothing in my case.

Most people like over 70 pages on Facebook and have over 230 friends, each of which have at least one post per day. Without knowing what you like or what you interact with, your timeline would be a constant guess on what to show you. Which posts from which friends and pages get to be displayed on your timeline for you to see? Give them the information they need to help them decide what to show you. Easiest way to do this will be to interact with the Facebook Emojis.

Think of it as saying, “Yes, please show me more of this”.

So when you see a picture or a post that you want to react to, use those Facebook Emojis. They are only going to help you enjoy your time on Facebook.

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