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Your customers are listening…

Anyone involved in sales and marketing in anyway chooses their words very carefully to get their message across in the most precise way. They know that what they say can be interpreted in many different ways. Some thought has to go into what they are saying to make sure it cannot be misread – or to minimize the chances of it anyway. Due of this, many business owners will not “say” anything for fear of saying the wrong thing. But did you consider that not saying anything can actually speak volumes on its own. Have you ever been on the receiving end of a cold shoulder or someone dodging your calls? So if you know that your customers are listening, ask yourself what is it that you are saying.

Do you have a website?

When constructing a website many companies hire writers to craft beautiful content. They pay attention to the message and the tone and in most cases they do a great job. What about the company that does not have a website at all? What are they saying, or more importantly, what is the message that their customers are receiving? We don’t care about you? You’re not important to us?

Having a website will lend credibility to your business showing you are not a “fly by night”, and it will allow your customers to do their research – and they do! Over 80 percent of people research a product or service online prior to making their purchase decision and this percentage is even higher for B2B. How long do you think your potential customers will spend trying to find your company, product, or service online before deciding on visiting a competitor’s website? Not very long…

What about email marketing?

Are you sending emails to your clients or customers? Are you reluctant because you don’t know what to say? 90% of consumers want to keep in touch with the companies they do business with by email. If you are too worried about what to say and not concerned with giving them what they want, chances are they will look elsewhere for someone who will. If your customers are listening, sometimes it is more important that you are saying something than nothing at all.

We all know that silence is golden, but so are sunsets. Don’t let your business fade into the night. Make some noise. Be Loud. Your customers are listening, so what are you going to say?

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