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Email Marketing

Will Email Marketing Work For You?

The number 1 reason for not getting business is due to the fact that they forgot about you. Even for just a moment, long enough to make a call to someone else and place an order. The best answer is to not let them forget about you. Touch base at least once a month. Email Marketing is the easiest and most efficient means of doing this.

Did you know that over 80% of customers prefer to receive promotional materials from companies they trust through email and email marketing. And over 90% of people prefer to stay in touch with companies they do business with through email. These percentages are even higher for business to business. Are you taking advantage of this? If not, do you think your competitors are? We do, and we want to help you.

Think Email Marketing is expensive? On average, for every one dollar invested in Email Marketing you will see $40 in return. Can you think of any other marketing tool that boasts this level of ROI?

How does Email compare to social media? Email Marketing has a very high delivery rate often around 98%. Compare that to Social Media’s average delivery rate of 2% to 3%. There is no comparison when you look at these numbers, but Social Media works very well when done in conjunction with Email Marketing.

Still worried about how the Canadian Anti Spam Legislation will affect you and your email marketing efforts? We have help numerous clients make sure they are compliant without losing their current mailing lists.

We have helped clients without a list, those with hundreds of thousands of contacts, and everything in between. If you want to grow your list, we can help with that as well.

We helped them be successful with their email marketing, and we can help you.

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