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Cindy's Home Daycare
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Is there anything more nerve wrecking than choosing a care provider for your child? Unlikely. To say that we were nervous when looking for a provider is an understatement. After having interviewed several potential daycare providers, Cindy Brown stood head and shoulders above the rest. From the second that you walk through the front door, it is apparent that you are walking into a well-cared for and loving home.

With a dedicated indoor play area, a big secure backyard and nearby parks, the kids have fun at every turn. Cindy provides a perfect balance of indoor play, outdoor play and learning. The convenient location of Cindy's Home Daycare lends its self well to the many trips that the children get to experience. From the zoo and bowling, to the farmers market to the “Cindy-style” in house parties.......each day is truly an adventure!!

While at Cindy’s, the kids get to eat healthy, home-cooked meals. More than once our daughter has requested food “the way Cindy makes it!!” It is not uncommon to walk into Cindy’s house and smell the home-made goodies that the kids will get to enjoy.

We will never forget the first time our daughter came home with a craft, the first time that she sang a song that we didn't know, or when she came home reciting her ABC's. She is eager to leave for Cindy's each day as she knows that she will get to see her friends, see Cindy and have a full day of activities. Our daughter has truly thrived in Cindy's care.

This past November, we were blessed with our second child. With everything that our daughter has gained while at Cindy’s, there was no question as to where we wanted to send our son. Thankfully, Cindy accommodated us and our son has been able to attend daycare at her home. For a child who cannot yet talk, his smile each morning as he sees Cindy waiting at the door for him speaks volumes.

Cindy’s well thought out and well planned routine helped us immensely as parents while we transitioned into becoming a 2 child household. Knowing that our son would be receiving the same amazing care that our daughter was (and still is) receiving, alleviated a colossal amount of stress that we would have otherwise experienced. Having both children at the same daycare not only fosters their brother-sister relationship, it also helps them build a friendship beyond that.

When picking up our kids from the daycare, we walk into a place where when you look into the eyes of the children that she cares for, you can see how truly happy and satisfied (and worn out from the day's activities!) they are.

Our children are excited to go to Cindy’s in the morning and can’t wait to tell us about all of their adventures in the evening. The numerous crafts, songs and games that they bring back to the family home have not ceased to amaze us. It is easy to see all of the time and effort that Cindy’s puts into the kids and it is even nicer to reap the rewards of that time and effort. We are truly grateful for the care that Cindy provides and would not want our children anywhere else.

"A loving father"

Everyday we are thankful that we found a place for our daughter in Cindy’s daycare.

Thanks to Cindy, our daughter has learned and experienced so much over the past 3 years and she is a better person because of it. When your child is spending nearly 10 hours a day somewhere, you want to be sure they are doing more than just being watched over and Cindy definitely manages that beyond all expectations. Not only has she been watching out for her safety and well being all day, but she has also introduced her to a wealth of new experiences and fun while doing so.

Seeing the amount of outdoor time they get, the singing and learning they do inside, the great field trips they go on and the heaps of arts and crafts we get to take home has proved this point time and time again.

We couldn’t be happier with Cindy and her daycare and would highly recommend her to anyone.

"Loving Parents"

Dear Cindy, thank you so much for giving our son the opportunity to attend your home daycare. As you know our son was in a childcare setting for 1.5 years prior to coming to you. He had lots of difficulties with this setting because of the lack of consistency in staff philosophy, as well as, the inability of some staff not being able to create a caring, loving bond with him. As a result, he was a very unhappy and difficult 2 year old boy.

In a very short time you have been able to show our son a loving, caring, educational and stable environment that he can grow and develop in. He has started to excel in his language development and is overall a happier little guy. We have had friends and family members that have commented on the difference in his demeanor since he started in your program. I no longer have anxiety about how my son is being treated while he is at daycare.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

"Grateful Parents"

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